Tools of the Trade, Issue #1 – Photo Lightbox

Welcome back to Two Noobs Painting! I’d like to present to you a brand new series called Tools of the Trade. In this series we will talk about a great deal of helpful things, varying from paintbrushes to cameras. This first issue will teach you how to make and use a photo lightbox, which you can use to enhance the photography of your own models. Lets get to it!

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Hey readers. Derek here. Finally posting my side of things. I am painting the other army of the Starter set me and Brian went in on. DA ORKS! I am going to start by posting a few pictures of all the shit I bought and need to put together and paint. Then I will start posting similarly to what you are used to seeing on here by Brian with progress posts with pictures and the like. And keep in my mind, we are new to the hobby and painting, so take it easy on us. Now to the goods…

Da Orkz

The Ork Battle Force

More Ork Nobz to go with the ones from the Start set.

Ork Gretchin…not sure why I bought these guys….they looked cool and maybe somewhere down the line I will use em.

Ork Tankbustas

Killa Kans

Thanks for taking a look! As Brian would say. So please look forward to seeing me assemble and paint these things as best I can. Tips, tricks and constructive criticism are encouraged.

The Story So Far, Issue #3

Welcome back to Two Noobs Painting! A couple weeks back, I sort of hit a point where I felt totally overwhelmed by everything I still left to do. I had purchased a Battleforce on top of the AOBR models I already hadn’t finished, and my father got me some stuff for my birthday as well. On top of that, Warhammer 40k 6th Edition has come out, changed some rules and changed a little about the tactics I had learned, and added allies. This was quite a bit to take in, and I delved heavily into thinking about even more stuff I could get to add to my army in the form of Imperial Guard allied troops. I ended up watching Youtube videos about 6th edition, reading forums, or getting hooked on Netflix, all to avoid the massive amount of work still left. Continue reading


It is finally here. Warhammer 40K 6th Edition rule book is now out. Head on out to your local retailer or order it online. Games Workshop is offering a few different editions to choose from. They are as follows:

The Collectors Edition:

The Collectors Edition is ” an enhanced version of the Standard Rulebook. Printed on parchment-like paper, each Collectors’ Edition is individually numbered between 0001 and 4000, and comes concealed inside a magnetically sealed, wardrobe-fronted box. It is an artefact you will want to treat as something sacred.” Priced at $132.00

the Gamer’s Edition:

The Gamer’s Edition is “comes in an Officer’s Signal Satchel, a magnificent leatherette bag in which the Rulebook itself is already stored. Sealed with a toggle, it comes with a thick, reinforced canvas strap, and 12 Munitorum Dice – special edition dice that come in a lasgun power pack tin, and which come in an exclusive red colour for the Gamers’ Edition.” This edition is priced at $123.75

Another few items they released along with new Rule book are:

Munitorum Templates, which are designed to look like Imperial instruments, and Psychic Powers – the complete set of Psychic cards, which can be used in conjunction with Psychic Disciplines as a great accessory to your tabletop games.

Head over to Games Workshop to get your order on. Hurry, these special editions are in limited supply!

Look forward to a review of the 6th Edition rule book at a later date.

Cover Art for Warhammer 40k 6th Edition Spoiled?

Welcome back to Two Noobs Painting! Some cover art was recently spoiled on a few different 40k forums, and this is supposedly the new cover art for the upcoming 6th Edition Rulebook. We’d like to take the opportunity to show anyone that hasn’t had a chance to see it yet. Keep in mind that this could very well be a fake, or even cover art for a different book they’re releasing soon. So, without further adieu: Continue reading