The Story So Far, Issue #1

Welcome back to Two Noobs Painting! We recently kicked off our new blog and want to keep the posts rolling. I’m looking forward to keeping you all updated on my personal progress in learning the game, assembling my models, and painting my Ultramarines Space Marine army. This will be my medium to attain that goal.

Some of you may remember pictures from my last blog at MMP where I showed you the progress on my Tactical Marine squad and Dreadnought. They were pretty dark, as they had been painted with a Mordian Blue basecoat, and then given shadow effects with Badab Black wash.  If you don’t remember, look below to see what they looked like:

Mordian Blue basecoat, Badab Black wash

I’ve made some decent progress on this squad so far, and they are starting to look really good.  Lets see what they look like, compared to eachother:

Marines on the left and Dreadnought have a couple layers of 50/50 mix Regal Blue and Ultramarine Blue

Quite a difference. Lets look more closely at some pictures of the models on the left:

Two layers of 50/50 mix Regal Blue/UM Blue

Two layers of 50/50 mix Regal Blue/UM Blue

Two layers of 50/50 mix Regal Blue/UM Blue


I’d like to do these types of posts a few times a week, but in reality it will probably end up being once or twice a week. Please post comments below and let me know what you guys think. If you haven’t yet then you should follow us here, via email, or on our twitter. As always, thanks for taking a look!



6 responses to “The Story So Far, Issue #1

  1. I see you’ve mastered the macro setting on the camera. Good job! Also, your “figurines” are looking nice 🙂 Your technique makes the finer details stand out really well. I’m impressed, Nubbins. I also like the way the blue turned out, but that’s more so the lighting than your mad skillz 🙂 I’d like to see some of Derek’s stuff also. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hey Lori, thanks for the comments! I’m sure that will boost his ego. I plan on posting my Orks sometime this week, don’t you worry.

    • Eventually I plan to. I don’t have a video camera, so I’ll have to take video with the regular camera. I think that should be fine, because it records at 720p.

      • We also plan on video taping get together’s where we paint and BS about mini war gaming, painting, random stuff, maybe a podcast style thing…who knows. We are playing it by ear for now. We just trying to get a regular thing going first.

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