The Story So Far, Issue #2

Welcome back to Two Noobs Painting! I wrote The Story So Far, Issue #1 about two and a half weeks ago, promising new issues weekly. This unfortunately didn’t happen according to plan. Shortly after that my laptop started having some serious issues, and ended up going out of commission. I’m now currently using my old tower I built in 2006 until I build a new computer. After the issues with the laptop, my father came to Pittsburgh visiting from San Diego, California for a week.

When I first picked Space Marines as my army I had read a little about a few different chapters and looked at their paint schemes. I narrowed it down to a couple different chapters that I liked, but picked Ultramarines (my favorite color is blue) over Salamanders, Dark Angels, and Blood Angels. Fast forward to the beginning of this week, and I had a dilemma.  I started thinking about my army and the fluff of the Warhammer 40k universe. The more I read, I realized that Space Marines were not really the glorius heroes of the galaxy like I thought. Many of them, Ultramarines included, have committed some pretty gross atrocities in the name of the Imperium of Man. Ultramarines also did relatively nothing to help the Imperium during the Horus Heresy, the galaxy-wide civil war, only stepping in to become protectors of the Imperium afterwards. They have a reputation for bullying, being glory hounds, and taking credit for saving the day on the backs of Imperial Guardsmen. That doesn’t sound very heroic to me.

I read more deeply about some of the other chapters I had been thinking about in the beginning, and settled on Salamanders. If you don’t know what Salamanders look like, imagine Space Marines with fire, dragons, and hammers. Yeah, they’re pretty sweet. They also have jet black skin and glowing red eyes. Check em out:

by Algrim Whitefang, from

by Algrim Whitefang, from














The interesting thing, despite their demonic appearance, is that they’re unusually concerned with civilian casualties compared to most other Space Marines and feel that one of their most important duties is to protect the lives of civilians whenever possible. During the wars for Armageddon, they repeatedly defended cities, supply lines, civilians, and Imperial Guardsmen when other Space Marine chapters retreated. Forget the poster child chapter Ultramarines, the Salamanders are legitimately good, heroic dudes.

I have decided to paint my Space Marine army in the scheme of the Salamanders. I stopped painting the Black Reach tactical squad I was working on, and started assembling another tactical squad. These will be the first ones I paint as Salamanders, and later I’ll strip the paint off the Ultramarines and paint them as well. I’m planning on having these guys assembled by the end of the weekend and will probably post a few pictures. As always thanks for taking a look!


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