The Story So Far, Issue #3

Welcome back to Two Noobs Painting! A couple weeks back, I sort of hit a point where I felt totally overwhelmed by everything I still left to do. I had purchased a Battleforce on top of the AOBR models I already hadn’t finished, and my father got me some stuff for my birthday as well. On top of that, Warhammer 40k 6th Edition has come out, changed some rules and changed a little about the tactics I had learned, and added allies. This was quite a bit to take in, and I delved heavily into thinking about even more stuff I could get to add to my army in the form of Imperial Guard allied troops. I ended up watching Youtube videos about 6th edition, reading forums, or getting hooked on Netflix, all to avoid the massive amount of work still left.

Needless to say, this wasn’t great for accomplishing any of the stuff I wanted to do. I decided if I ever wanted to play this game more than once every couple months, I would need to commit a little more to it. I’ve been getting quite a bit done recently with this hobby. Not as much painting as I’d like, but before you can paint you have to clean bits and assemble your dudes. If any of you have read my old blog, you know that cleaning bits aka scraping mold lines can be quite daunting. This can also take up quite a bit of time, which is pretty discouraging. I found that listening to The Independent Characters podcasts or music on Spotify went a long way while working on this stuff.  As far as assembly goes, I’ve been quite diligent. I have mostly assembled a five man Assault Squad, fifteen Tactical Marines, and a five man Close Combat Terminator Squad. I say mostly because to make it easier to paint models and achieve a higher standard, it’s best to leave parts unassembled and put them together after you finish painting. Without further adieu, lets look at some pictures!

Assault Marine

Pictured above, we have an Assault Marine. They are posed with one foot slightly off the ground, so I decided to really accentuate that by taking some cork board and fashioning it to look like a rock. The idea is that he’s jumping off a rock for some reason, maybe to help his ascent with the jump pack or something, who knows.

Assault Marine Squad

And here we have the whole squad of these guys, all with their own unique cork board modified bases. I think they turned out pretty cool. One other thing to note, the piles of bits beside the guys are extra weapon options that they can have. The sergeant, along with one of the normal guys can use special weapons in place of the normal bolt pistols and chainswords. It’s pretty sweet to think of an Assault Marine coming down from the sky, raining fiery death or nasty plasma upon their enemies.

Next up, we have the Tactical Marines. Nothing special here besides the fact that there are fifteen of these guys. Ten of these guys will have bolters, and the other five will have plasma, meltas, flamers, or some other special weapon.

14 Tactical Marines, A Sergeant not shown for some reason.

I decided against doing anything special with cork for these model’s bases because they are the basic troop choice for my army.  Here is a closeup:

Tactical Marines

Last but not least, we have the Terminator Close Combat Squad. These guys are going to be a lot of fun to paint, and I plan on spending a crazy amount of time making sure these guys look perfect. I also did some corkboard work on the bases for these guys. Lets look at a few pictures of these guys:

Terminator Close Combat Squad

Terminator Sergeant

Assault Terminator



















So that’s my progress update. I still have to assemble two Rhinos, a Land Raider, and a Scout Squad. I’m not sure if I’ll start painting this lot up first beforehand though. At any rate, thanks for taking a look!



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