Tools of the Trade, Issue #1 – Photo Lightbox

Welcome back to Two Noobs Painting! I’d like to present to you a brand new series called Tools of the Trade. In this series we will talk about a great deal of helpful things, varying from paintbrushes to cameras. This first issue will teach you how to make and use a photo lightbox, which you can use to enhance the photography of your own models. Lets get to it!


To start, you will need the following objects:

  • A box, more square than rectangular
  • A box cutter or hobby knife (please practice safety, parents help under 18!)
  • Tape
  • Parchment Paper
  • A simple gradient, I prefer white to black or white to blue.

Prepare for lots of pictures!

First, start by cutting the tops off your box.

Your box should look like this when done.

The top of your box will now be considered the front and the bottom now the back. With this in mind, now we will cut large sections out of the left and right sides and top.

Your box should look like this when you’re ready for the next step.

Now we will measure and cut pieces of paper to fit inside the sections we previously cut from the box. We will tape them inside, so that your box now looks like this.

The final step is to tape the gradient to the back of the box, letting it curve down to touch the bottom. When you take pictures of your models, make sure to place them on the bottom part of the gradient, in the white.

To make optimal use of your photo lightbox, you will need to get three lights for the top and sides. This will create perfect lighting for your model photography and greatly increase the quality of your pictures. Lets see what a couple pictures taken using the photo lightbox (currently only have a top light) look like:

So you can see that a photo lightbox is a pretty sweet tool. I hope you enjoyed this little photo tutorial, and it helps you take better pictures of your models. Thanks for taking a look!



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