Tools of the Trade, Issue #1 – Photo Lightbox

Welcome back to Two Noobs Painting! I’d like to present to you a brand new series called Tools of the Trade. In this series we will talk about a great deal of helpful things, varying from paintbrushes to cameras. This first issue will teach you how to make and use a photo lightbox, which you can use to enhance the photography of your own models. Lets get to it!

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The Story So Far, Issue #3

Welcome back to Two Noobs Painting! A couple weeks back, I sort of hit a point where I felt totally overwhelmed by everything I still left to do. I had purchased a Battleforce on top of the AOBR models I already hadn’t finished, and my father got me some stuff for my birthday as well. On top of that, Warhammer 40k 6th Edition has come out, changed some rules and changed a little about the tactics I had learned, and added allies. This was quite a bit to take in, and I delved heavily into thinking about even more stuff I could get to add to my army in the form of Imperial Guard allied troops. I ended up watching Youtube videos about 6th edition, reading forums, or getting hooked on Netflix, all to avoid the massive amount of work still left. Continue reading

Cover Art for Warhammer 40k 6th Edition Spoiled?

Welcome back to Two Noobs Painting! Some cover art was recently spoiled on a few different 40k forums, and this is supposedly the new cover art for the upcoming 6th Edition Rulebook. We’d like to take the opportunity to show anyone that hasn’t had a chance to see it yet. Keep in mind that this could very well be a fake, or even cover art for a different book they’re releasing soon. So, without further adieu: Continue reading

Official 40k 6th Edition Release Date

Put the rumors and speculation to rest! Games Workshop has officially announced the release date for Warhammer 40k: 6th Edition. This new edition is coming to a store near you on June 23, 2012. Here is a teaser video that GW released to their youtube page:



Exciting stuff, although Derek and I are just learning the rules for 5th edition! There has been a lot of speculation on rules changes and even a ruleset floating around the internet called “pancake”. Here are some of the more prevalent rumors and rules changes:

  • The 6th Edition Starter set will be Space Marines (either vanilla or Dark Angels) vs Chaos Space Marines
  • The first 6th Edition Codex will be Chaos Space Marines
  • The 6th Edition Codex will be released alongside a special edition version
  • There is a wave of new flyers coming to join the recently released Ork, Necron, and Space Marines. These include a Dark Eldar Bomber, Eldar Fighter, and Tau Fighter
  • Close Combat Weapons get an AP (armor penetration) value
  • Pre-measuring will be allowed
  • Wound Allocation becomes wounds go closest model to shooting unit first
  • There will be 1v1 HQ unit challenges similar to Warhammer Fantasy
  • Vehicles will get hull points instead of Armor Value
  • There will be a special set of Allies rules for team games, allowing different army types to join together.

This is just a short list, but you can find loads more by visiting any of the big forums like DakkaDakka or HeresyOnline. Derek and I are looking forward to getting our hands on the book when it’s released to review it and go over any of the big changes. As always, thanks for taking a look!


The Story So Far, Issue #1

Welcome back to Two Noobs Painting! We recently kicked off our new blog and want to keep the posts rolling. I’m looking forward to keeping you all updated on my personal progress in learning the game, assembling my models, and painting my Ultramarines Space Marine army. This will be my medium to attain that goal.

Some of you may remember pictures from my last blog at MMP where I showed you the progress on my Tactical Marine squad and Dreadnought. They were pretty dark, as they had been painted with a Mordian Blue basecoat, and then given shadow effects with Badab Black wash.  If you don’t remember, look below to see what they looked like:

Mordian Blue basecoat, Badab Black wash

I’ve made some decent progress on this squad so far, and they are starting to look really good.  Lets see what they look like, compared to eachother:

Marines on the left and Dreadnought have a couple layers of 50/50 mix Regal Blue and Ultramarine Blue

Quite a difference. Lets look more closely at some pictures of the models on the left:

Two layers of 50/50 mix Regal Blue/UM Blue

Two layers of 50/50 mix Regal Blue/UM Blue

Two layers of 50/50 mix Regal Blue/UM Blue


I’d like to do these types of posts a few times a week, but in reality it will probably end up being once or twice a week. Please post comments below and let me know what you guys think. If you haven’t yet then you should follow us here, via email, or on our twitter. As always, thanks for taking a look!


And So It Begins…

Welcome to Two Noobs Painting!

Tonight, Derek and I got together to do some mini painting and discuss the blog. We didn’t accomplish very much painting, but we did go over quite a few topics in between watching episodes of Reno 911 on Netflix and the customary Sheetz run. First off, we talked about doing work in progress posts showcasing the miniatures we’ve been working on as well as learning the rules to the  game itself. We discussed also doing unboxings of all the kits we purchase, and showing you guys all the spare parts you get for further customization of your army, as well as building up a giant bits box. We will also eventually be doing product reviews for any cool wargaming swag we buy, and letting you know how or why they could benefit you and your games. There are plans to get  involved in more than just pictures. We would like to eventually move into also posting videos and tutorials on whatever we can think of. Perhaps a podcast, or video recording of a painting session while we BS and talk about all sorts of fun stuff.

Get excited for all to come, starting soon! I believe Derek will be making his first post tomorrow, and I will be posting my first Work in Progress by the end of the weekend. Follow us or check out our twitter feed to keep updated. Thanks for taking a look!