Hey readers. Derek here. Finally posting my side of things. I am painting the other army of the Starter set me and Brian went in on. DA ORKS! I am going to start by posting a few pictures of all the shit I bought and need to put together and paint. Then I will start posting similarly to what you are used to seeing on here by Brian with progress posts with pictures and the like. And keep in my mind, we are new to the hobby and painting, so take it easy on us. Now to the goods…

Da Orkz

The Ork Battle Force

More Ork Nobz to go with the ones from the Start set.

Ork Gretchin…not sure why I bought these guys….they looked cool and maybe somewhere down the line I will use em.

Ork Tankbustas

Killa Kans

Thanks for taking a look! As Brian would say. So please look forward to seeing me assemble and paint these things as best I can. Tips, tricks and constructive criticism are encouraged.