The Story So Far, Issue #1

Welcome back to Two Noobs Painting! We recently kicked off our new blog and want to keep the posts rolling. I’m looking forward to keeping you all updated on my personal progress in learning the game, assembling my models, and painting my Ultramarines Space Marine army. This will be my medium to attain that goal.

Some of you may remember pictures from my last blog at MMP where I showed you the progress on my Tactical Marine squad and Dreadnought. They were pretty dark, as they had been painted with a Mordian Blue basecoat, and then given shadow effects with Badab Black wash.  If you don’t remember, look below to see what they looked like:

Mordian Blue basecoat, Badab Black wash

I’ve made some decent progress on this squad so far, and they are starting to look really good.  Lets see what they look like, compared to eachother:

Marines on the left and Dreadnought have a couple layers of 50/50 mix Regal Blue and Ultramarine Blue

Quite a difference. Lets look more closely at some pictures of the models on the left:

Two layers of 50/50 mix Regal Blue/UM Blue

Two layers of 50/50 mix Regal Blue/UM Blue

Two layers of 50/50 mix Regal Blue/UM Blue


I’d like to do these types of posts a few times a week, but in reality it will probably end up being once or twice a week. Please post comments below and let me know what you guys think. If you haven’t yet then you should follow us here, via email, or on our twitter. As always, thanks for taking a look!



And So It Begins…

Welcome to Two Noobs Painting!

Tonight, Derek and I got together to do some mini painting and discuss the blog. We didn’t accomplish very much painting, but we did go over quite a few topics in between watching episodes of Reno 911 on Netflix and the customary Sheetz run. First off, we talked about doing work in progress posts showcasing the miniatures we’ve been working on as well as learning the rules to the  game itself. We discussed also doing unboxings of all the kits we purchase, and showing you guys all the spare parts you get for further customization of your army, as well as building up a giant bits box. We will also eventually be doing product reviews for any cool wargaming swag we buy, and letting you know how or why they could benefit you and your games. There are plans to get  involved in more than just pictures. We would like to eventually move into also posting videos and tutorials on whatever we can think of. Perhaps a podcast, or video recording of a painting session while we BS and talk about all sorts of fun stuff.

Get excited for all to come, starting soon! I believe Derek will be making his first post tomorrow, and I will be posting my first Work in Progress by the end of the weekend. Follow us or check out our twitter feed to keep updated. Thanks for taking a look!